Welcome to SFS MMA
Welcome to SFS MMA
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Adult Classes
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Kids Classes
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Welcome and Congratulations on your next step towards experiencing  our  Salangsang Fighting System Mixed Martial Arts Life Style that will change your life forever! From the moment you begin you will experience a Positive, Family Atmosphere that will help you and/or your family get in shape, lose weight,  and become mentally and physically stronger.

Salangsang Fighting System Mixed Martial Arts offers all Men, Women and Children ages 4 years old and up an opportunity to experience any of our programs for a 2 day FREE trail. During your FREE Trial you will get a chance to meet and train with great, positive individuals. Our students and fighters in all the SFS MMA programs from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Boxing and Judo, whether a Lower or Higher level ranked Belt to a MMA student or fighter are welcoming and willing to always help and lend a hand. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment with professionals who aim to inspire excellence in every aspect of Mixed Martial Arts. It can be very different for anyone walking into a MMA  gym for the first time and not know anything.
But don’t worry!!!!

NO experience is necessary and All Beginners are Welcome! All Beginner classes are built with a Basic Curriculum to help with all fitness levels and work their way in gradually building a Solid Foundation.

Here is what you have to gain from SFS MMA:

• Self Defense
• Weight Loss
• Build Self Esteem
• Discipline
• Fit lifestyle
• Great Friends
• Bully Proof for all ages

Here at SFS MMA we encourage our students to compete, however it is not mandatory. Our programs
provide a curriculum to help them achieve any Goal they have in mind.

Coach Salangsang and his qualified assistant instructors are  very detail oriented and break down the techniques so everyone, no matter what the skill level, can understand and apply them. Coach Salangsang and his qualified assistant instructors make sure that every level of student understands the learns the techniques.




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